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1. To encourage interaction and community bonding between residents, integrated hubs such as the integrated development at Woodlands next to Admiralty MRT station will bring
various amenities under one roof.

2. Envisioned as the gateway to the North, the Woodlands Regional Centre will bring new business and job opportunities, with retail space and amenities. The Woodlands Regional Centre will begin with the sale of a commercial site in December.

3. This regional centre will be the only one with a coastal waterfront setting and will comprise two districts – the regional retail hub of Woodlands Central and the business, residential and lifestyle uses in Woodlands North Coast. The Woodlands Regional Centre will be set in a lush green environment and will be comparable in scale to other regional hubs such as Jurong Lake District and Tampines Regional Centre.  

4. Jobs in the innovation and manufacturing sectors will be added to the North region with developments in Woodlands North Coast employment cluster and new industrial clusters at
Gambas Avenue and to the east of Woodlands Road.


$31 million to transform Woodlands. The new food and retail complex will be built in the open space next to Woodlands Sports Hall and bounded by Woodlands Street 12. Facilities will include a hawker centre with 80 cooked food stalls, 60 retail shops, five commercial schools, a supermarket and some 200 parking spaces.

兀兰中心将注资3110  万元,在兀兰体育场旁兴建全新购物及餐饮综合大楼。2017  年落成后,这里将有一个80  摊位的熟食中心、60  个零售店、5 个商业学校、一个大型超市和200  个停车位。


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