Can I buy an EC?

Here’s a simple checklist to see if you qualify for an EC.

Q1: Are you a Singaporean (SC) or Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR)?

No – Cannot buy EC

Yes – Your Family nucleus needs to have 2 SC or 1 SC & 1 SPR

Q2: Have you bought directly from HDB more than once or taken any Grant from HDB?

Yes – Taken Twice from HDB or Taken Grant and once directly from HDB. Cannot buy EC

No – proceed to next question

Q3: Do you own any private properties?

Yes – Cannot buy EC

No – proceed to next question

Q4: Did you sell any private properties within the last 30 months?

Yes – Cannot buy EC

No – proceed to next question

Q5: What is your Total Household income?

More than $16K – Cannot buy EC

Less than $16K – proceed to next question

Q6: Which schemes will you using to buy the EC?

– Public (Family) Scheme (Minimum 1 SC)

– Fiance/ Fiancee Scheme (Minimum 1 SC)

– Orphan Scheme (Mininum 1 SC)

– Joint Singles Scheme (Both SC)

Q7: Have you met your current HDB flat’s Minimum Occupation Period of 5-years of residing in the flat?

No – Cannot buy EC


1) 需核心家庭成员2人联名购买,至少要有1个新加坡人,至少21岁。即新加坡人+新加坡人,或新加坡人+永久居民(永久居民未满3年也可购买)

2) 家庭月收入不高于16000新币

3) 若买家已经拥有私宅,则要卖掉30个月后方可申请EC

4) 若买家已有组屋,需要满足最低居住年限要求 (Minimum Occupation Period),  通常为5年

If you are still unsure whether you qualify for an EC, do feel free to call our Sales Hotline to enquire. Irene Tan 98469648