First-Timer or Second-Timer?

If you fulfill the EC Eligibility Checklist criteria to purchase an Executive Condo directly from developer, then you are either a First-Timer or a Second-Timer.

First-Timer basically denotes a scheme which has not purchased any flats directly from HDB; or a scheme which has purchased a resale HDB flat without CPF Housing Grant. First-Timers can apply for CPF Housing Grant when buying the EC under the Public Scheme or the Fiancé/Fiancée Scheme.

Excerpt from HDB Website:

You will be considered a first-timer applicant if you have not received any housing subsidy from HDB, which means that you must not:

  • Be the owner of a flat bought from HDB
  • Have sold a flat bought from HDB
  • Have taken the CPF Housing Grant to buy an EC, Design, Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS) flat or an HDB resale flat, or taken over ownership of such a flat or EC
  • Have transferred the ownership of a flat bought directly from HDB, or an HDB resale flat bought with a CPF Housing Grant
  • Have ever taken other forms of housing subsidy, such as Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme benefits or privatisation of HUDC estate

Second-Timer basically denotes a scheme which has been a First-Timer before and now wishes to purchase the EC directly from developer. If you fall under the 30% quota of the Second-Timers, then your Ballot chances are as high as a First-Timer. Second-Timers are also liable to pay a Resale Levy when they buy a new EC directly from developer. A few ECs are exempted of the Resale Levy though. But ECs that are launched from 2015 onwards will have the Resale Levy rule imposed on Second Timers. Read more on Resale Levy here.