What is Dualkey?

Here’s a quick overview of what dual key units are.

Essentially, dual key unit can be seen as combo 2-in-1 apartment in which there’s a studio unit attached to a standard condominium unit.

The studio apartment is a self-sufficient living space by itself. It has its own bathroom, kitchenette, wardrobe unit, resting area and even a balcony (in certain EC projects like Heron Bay, Watercolours, Citylife, Twin Fountains)

The standard feature of a dual key unit is a shared foyer that leads to the studio unit and the standard unit.

There are two doors – one leading to the studio unit and the other to the adjoining unit – with two sets of keys, hence the term ‘dual key’.

Although they are two individual units, a dual key apartment is marketed as a single apartment under one strata title – meaning the studio unit is considered a separate room and not a standalone unit.

A Sample Floorplan of a DUALKEY Unit.

An Applicant may buy a dual-key EC units offered by the developer if you form a multi-generation family as follows:

(i) Married couple with parents/grandparents
(ii) Fiancé and fiancée couple with parents/grandparents
(iii) Widowed/divorced with children and parents/grandparents

>>>You may be interested in Ecopolitan, Dualkey units are available, resale levy does not apply to Second Timers.