Watercolours | Site Plan & Units


Type A: 2BR 48 units

Type B1-2: 3BR Compact 136 units

Type B3-6: 3BR Standard 96 units

Type B7: 3BR Dual Key 68 units

Type C: 4BR Dual Key 22 units

Type C2: 4BR 46 units

Units Mix


  • Type A1a (861sqft)
  • Type A1b (743sqft)
  • Type A1c (786sqft)
  • Type A1G (1001sqft) (Note: Ground floor)

3-Bedrooms Compact

  • Type B1a (990sqft)
  • Type B1b (915sqft)
  • Type B1c (958sqft)
  • Type B1G (1216sqft) (Note: Ground floor)
  • Type B1P (1733sqft) (Note: 3-bedrooms Standard Penthouse)
  • Type B2a (1001sqft)
  • Type B2b (945sqft)
  • Type B2c (917sqft)
  • Type B2G (1270sqft) (Note: Ground floor)
  • Type B2P (1755sqft) (Note: 3-bedrooms Standard Penthouse)

3-Bedrooms Standard

  • Type B3a (1041sqft)
  • Type B3b (958sqft)
  • Type B3c (998sqft)
  • Type B3G (1302sqft) (Note: Ground floor)
  • Type B4a (1023sqft)
  • Type B4b (936sqft)
  • Type B4c (969sqft)
  • Type B4G (1292sqft) (Note: Ground floor)
  • Type B4P (1787sqft) (Note: 3-bedrooms Standard Penthouse)
  • Type B5a (1033sqft)
  • Type B5b (936sqft)
  • Type B5c (969sqft)
  • Type B5G (1292sqft) (Note: Ground floor)
  • Type B5P (1787sqft) (Note: 3-bedrooms Standard Penthouse)
  • Type B6a (1066sqft)
  • Type B6b (958sqft)
  • Type B6G (1249sqft) (NoteL: Ground floor)
  • Type B6P (1625sqft) (Note: 3-bedrooms Standard Penthouse)

3-Bedrooms Dual Key

  • Type B7a (1238sqft)
  • Type B7b (1098sqft)
  • Type B7c (1141sqft)
  • Type B7G (1485sqft)
  • Type B7P (1873sqft) (Note: 3-bedrooms Dual Key Penthouse)

4-Bedrooms Dual Key

  • Type C1a (1335sqft)
  • Type C1b (1281sqft)
  • Type C1G (1615sqft) (Note: Ground floor)
  • Type C1P (2174sqft) (Note: 4-bedrooms Dual Key Penthouse)

4-Bedrooms Standard

  • Type C2a (1378sqft)
  • Type C2b (1238sqft)
  • Type c2G (1658sqft) (Note: Ground floor)
  • Type c2P (2282sqft) (Note: 4-bedrooms Standard Penthouse)



Bird’s Eye View: clockwise from Watercolours will be Sea Esta (condo, estimated TOP 2016), Ripple Bay (condo, estimated TOP 2016), Seastrand (condo, estimated TOP 2014)20120627-100859.jpg

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